Slang word for saying McDonalds and/or referring to the greasiness and fattening of their food.

- Used in certain parts of Connecticut and Maine
"I'm craving for some Dirty Ron's tonight"
"Oh man, that Dirty Ron's Big Mac was very greasy"
by Token Yankee Guy September 20, 2006
Top Definition
Another name for famous, American, fast food restaurant with golden arches.
Let's go to Dirty Ron's and get some chicken nuggets.
by LizAstoriaNY July 13, 2009
1. A male who appears straight-laced, but has a tendency to seek out sexual pleasures, even if it means visiting prostitutes.
2. A term for a male of East Indian descent who is sexually hyperactive.
-"Dude, the other day I went to the beach, and there were so many ho's. They were quite remarkable!"

-"Stop being such a Dirty Ron"
by mstuy September 06, 2011
where you take a shit and a piss into a bottle then you shake it up. After it is into a liquid form you go up behind someone then shank them the take the bottle and shove it up there ass then tip them over
hahah i just dirty ronned... RON
by MARKK December 12, 2006
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