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1) Ditching a dance or formal event in order to go to a romantic escapade involving sexual activities.

2) When a woman named Sydney Johnson goes down on you.

3) To have anal intercourse in the bathroom.
"Oh man! Joseph gave Kara a Dirty Johnson at prom!"

"Oh man, she gave me the best Dirty Johnson last night!"

He wanted to have sex but she just wanted a Dirty Johnson.
#ditching #sex #anal #exhibition #dirty #johnson #dirty sanchez
by Sex Monster January 21, 2008
Redirecting a kiss with a firmly placed hand (See: "stiff arm") toward the area of the male genitalia in hopes of receiving fellatio.
I dident want to make out with her so I pulled the ol' dirty johnson
#naughty #whore #sex #fellatio #mandingo
by sir kenneth November 09, 2014
An act during anal sexual intercourse in which the dominant inserter or alpha male removes his penis from the anal cavity of the receiver and smears fecal matter off his glans by violently beating on the ass cheeks of the receiver. This act is often performed by men of the homosexual community, transexuals, drag queens, but especially by raunchy men who claim to be of the female gender named Sydney Johnson.
Man, did you see him give him a dirty johnson in only 3 minutes?

Sydney, stop giving random men dirty johnsons!
#sydney johnson #dirty johnson #dirty #raunchy #dirty sanchez #sex
by Harry O' hara April 03, 2008
sexual act in which the male goes for 7 days without showering unbeknownst to the female, who then performs oral sex upon the male.
yea i tricked that bitch into giving me a dirty johnson

man you could never pull a dirty johnson

i aint seen her in a minute bout to pull a dirty johnson
#dirty johnson #sex act #dennis #dirty #dj
by jonmacgyver March 13, 2010
a sex act in which a man farts in a woman's face for her sexual pleasure.
My girl craves dirty johnsons. That's why her breath smells like the skidmarks on my boxers.
#dirty #johnson #anal #butt #fart
by crapsmoothie August 20, 2009
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