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after anal sex, the man takes his dick and draws a lightning bolt across the girl's forehead.
Joey's sick obsession with the adventures of Harry Potter drove him to perform a Dirty Harry Potter on Melissa.
by lakjsdksajd July 10, 2008
The vulva of any large mammal; e.g. a karibou
The diseased karibou gnawed in agony at its dirty harry potter.
by NimC May 22, 2009
A dimwitted perpetrator of domestic violence who beats his partner infrequently and secretly, so as her injuries seem to appear "like magic".
My mom's drinking buddy came over last night with bruises all over her face. Her husband must be a real Dirty Harry Potter.
by Feet_Febreze May 26, 2009
Toughest guy on the message board
A guy from Canada that doesn't take any shit
by Derek Elmore March 29, 2004
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