The act of jizzing, or ejaculating, into your palm and slapping someone across the face. Can be done either in front of them or premeditated. You don't necessarily have to dislike a person to do such gesture. Most times it is an act of desperation to get the attention of another female or male or coworker.
DIRTY HANDSHAKER- "Hey baby! Baby? Sweety?" *smack*

VICTIM-"Wtf!!!? What?"

DIRTY HANDSHAKER- "I love you!" :)

VICTIM- "I know" :)


DIRTY HANDSHAKER- "Hey Frank! Yeah you!" *smack*

VICTIM-"Wtf!!!? Why'd you do that?"

DIRTY HANDSHAKER- "Cuz you're my boy!" :)

VICTIM- "I know" :)
#dirty #handshake #ejaculation #smack #face
by mateodos September 04, 2009
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Top Definition
So named for its resemblance to the familiar hand based greeting. This pleasure technique requires the female to be in a doggy style position as four fingers and as much of your hand are inserted into the vagina. Assuming the female has not gorged herself on Tommy's Burger, the thumb can be safely used to penetrate the anus without fear of mudslides. Also referred to as "four in the slit, one in the shit".
If you got deals to make, seal them with a dirty handshake.
#shocker #anus #spocker #sex #vagina
by Autistic Pornstar February 05, 2010
Rocky, Indie, Blues band hailing from Northern Scotland. Popular in the early 00's during their 5 year career before woman, booze and lack of interest got in the way.
Wow did you see the Dirty Hand Shakes last night they were awesome.
#the shakes #casino #the dirty hand shakes #dirty hand shake #dirtyhand shakes #the dirtyhand shakes
by POW The Phantom September 23, 2011
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