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Verb: The act of smearing vaginal secretions along the (eye)brow line, creating a sticky uni-brow. Named for twentieth century Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who was known for controversial art and her notorious unibrow.

Noun: The possession of a sticky uni-brow made from smearing vaginal secretions along the (eye)brow line.
He liked the taste of his new girlfriend so much he decided to wear her. After little debate, he said, "what the hell?" and gave himself a dirty frida.
by bibliophilia November 18, 2009
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when you stick your finger in a girls butt and pull it out with some poop on it, then spread it sideways on forehead, giving her a unibrow, like Frida, that spanish painter
I was watching the movie with salma hayek, and the make-up was so bad, she looked like she had a dirty frida.
by Vlady May 09, 2003

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