When your doing a girl doggystyle, after inserting your finger in her butt, you reach up and fish hook her. All while saying "Got one on the line!"
"Man, last weekend I caught the biggest girl in the bar with a dirty fish hook"
by High Voltage for Life February 18, 2012
Top Definition
When you stick yer finger up a chick's poop chute, hop on her back, stick yer finger in her mouth, and give the 'ol fish hook.
Clay couldn't wait to give his wife the dirty fish hook and make her taste her own feces.
by Fudgy McPoo February 02, 2004
While making love doggy style, you stick 2 fingers in her asshole. Then remove the fingers and reach around to her face, in one swipe wipe her upper lip with your index finger "Dirty Sanchez". With your middle finger simultaniously hook the inside of her cheek "Fish Hook".
Did you see how pissed she was after I gave her the Dirty Fish Hook?
by Haywood Jablohim September 16, 2009
When you surprise someone with a variation on a Wet Willy ... but instead of wetting your finger with your mouth, you wet it with your butt. And instead of putting it in their ear, you put it in their mouth.
Victim: "Oh, man... your finger tastes like crap!"
You: "Yeah -- you just got the dirty fish hook"
by Professor Mac Plum December 23, 2014
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