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A Dirty Curty is similar to a Dirty Sanchez, however when doing a chick doggystyle and sticking your finger up her ass, one does not give the chick a reacharound shit mustache but instead he gives himself the shit mustache.
Dude, we could see Joe railing this chick from behind through his bedroom window, and he totally stuck his finger in her ass and gave himself a Dirty Curty.
by KPT1000 February 06, 2011
One bad dude that lives in the "A"
Dirty Curty was so amped on friday night.
by Outrageous November 12, 2007
A person that looks for a bar that serves the last shot in a bottle of booze for free. He then proceeds to order that type of booze even if he hates it, thus drinking all night for free and getting black out drunk.
"Man last night I went to this dive bar and got Dirty Curty on all their next to empty bottles of liquor." After that I don't remember shit!
by The real DC August 21, 2012