A nasty messed up person could be someone who drools, or is nasty in any way...it could be a guy who dates small framed girls that look two...it could be a small undeveloped girl that hunts for men...usually a messed up person that is quite spitefull and dirty to the max...:P
That katrina chick is a dirt sack shes dating a 40 year old.
by BOBO BAGGINS November 17, 2005
Top Definition
A person who owns more knives than years they have been alive, enjoys waving their fingers in the air while intoxicated, and is more proficient in knowledge and skill in any number of hillbilly weapons. This type of a person will quickly express his "abilities" for any activity if given the chance, and is better at anything than you are.
Me: Did you see that guy drive out of that police take down maneuver at 100mph!?!

Some Dirtsack: Aww that's easy, yah just shift it into neutral and get control of the wheel.

Me: You're a fucking dirtsack.
by Kevin Ruda May 06, 2007
A type of motorcycle saddlebags sold in some parts of South Asia. These are well known for their basic and robust design and high load carrying capacity.
He wanted to move a lot of stuff around, so he just put on his Dirtsack on the bike and loaded them with all his junk.
by Serial-biker November 01, 2015
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