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This is that dirty little hole most men dream of dumping there greek cheese into. It is called dirthole since it is the hole shit comes from. It can be a clean hole to fuck if you blast warm water from a water bottle into it. Ps. make sure your in the shower for this task. After that you can ground and pound that asshole all you want.
I would love to grab sara's pretty little ass and pound my dick into her juicy little dirt hole.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
6 3
a womans asshole
your mom got my fleshmusket in her brown eye
by Robert Parker January 04, 2004
9 6
An orifice found just to the rear or the pereneum on the male or female body, used for the expelling of solid or semi-solid waste from the human body, or... for sexual insertion, usually known as the act of sodomy (illegal in most areas of North-America)
Holy Shit, My dirt hole hurts after that NASTY Taco Dinner Last night!

Manoh Man! I put it in her dirt hole last night and she didnt even squeal!
by LiquidHat March 27, 2010
5 3
an especially skanky male or female that accepts rear entry
Man that bitch is such a dirthole!
by charisma kink November 03, 2008
3 1
A stinky itchy asshole from the lack of a cleaning or bad wipe job.
Man my dirt-hole is itching like a bastard. Those jalapenos
went right through me like drain o.
by Dink Weed February 21, 2008
2 2
an ugly girl
check out that dirthole
by stankyd September 22, 2008
1 3
Another name for a dirty person. someone who smokes alot, doesnt shower is foul mouthed, has screwed up teeth, just doesnt care about appearence at all
that guy looks like a dirt hole he's like a bum
by jim jimy james May 27, 2005
2 6