To cum unexpectedly and violently, often releasing a large amount.
Dude, your mother was sucking my dick last night and dirged all over her face.
by Blackjesusis#1 May 14, 2011
a long, drawn out, soul draining noise
the chapel organist played his all too familiar dirge to welcome us to our dutiful prayer
by cobbler April 01, 2004
Another term to mean the same as rubbish.
"What did you think of the new album?"
"I thought it was utter dirge to be honest!"
by adamsalem2k August 29, 2006
Codeword often used by homosexual predators to announce their presence to other predators in a cyber-environment. This is to ensure they don't accidentally court each other into a conversation. These types of predators generally are homosexual and pedophiles.
World of Warcraft:
2. Trade Randompersonb : Hello everyone! Dirge!
by Bobthebuilderwhorulesall January 23, 2008
What the Seattle residents call grunge.
As most know it as " the seattle sound" or " the rocky sound"
Uh heh huh heh huh hueh hey beavis, Grunge is overated... uh Dirge it is , dill-hole.. uh huh huh
by Cliff A. June 28, 2005
a bad noise
by frenchie April 24, 2003
the darkness
by Anonymous February 20, 2003

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