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A person whose dining companion abruptly leaves the table mid-main-course to make a looooooong trip to the restroom, leaving you stupidly and embarrassingly alone to finish off your meal; this circumstance often requires that the dinner table widow (DTW) act as though he or she is enjoying the meal in solitude, even though he/she is in reality suffering in total humiliation on the inside, thinking, "Do people think I got ditched mid-meal??" The humiliation effect is especially exaggerated when one is on a first date. BTW, I wrote this while I was a DTW, in an attempt to look like I was totally okay with being ditched mid-meal. Damn it.
Hey: are you gonna be gone long? I don't wanna end up a dinner table widow (DTW).

Yeah, he left me there for about 30 minutes. I was a total DTW.
by Moonpie Feedbag June 18, 2010