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Down To Wear Sparkles.

Any proper female should be DTWS at any and all times, although most commonly practiced at night. It creates a more fabulous personal image and makes social gathers more enjoyable.
Are you DTWS?
by Protinsel January 02, 2011
A lot like dtf, but instead of down to fuck, it's down to whatever. So not only are they willing to fuck they're willing to do anything.
Joe: I just met this really hot slut!
Mike: is she dtw?
Joe: Unfortunately no, she's only dtf.
Mike:Eh what a bitch.
by Clegg55 July 06, 2010
The little scene oasis traveled to from near and far. Famous for: The Enclave, or "'clave" as 'clavers say.
"Fuck, dude, I ripped my new LEI jeans last night in DTW!"
"Fuck man, don't even talk, my girlfriend got the same haircut as me."
"Oh man, how could she possibly steal all your steez?"
"Hey, ya know what would make me feel so much better?"
"Dying from second hand smoke from spending too much time at the Enclave?"
by NinjaPrincessesLoveChiodos June 22, 2006
Someone who is down to wow, or play world of warcraft. Preferebly speaking of a hot girl whos is into wow.

as made famous by Karlbpwnin
"This hott girl i met is dtw dude"
by CJ Heineke November 23, 2008
Downtown Wilmette
a small shopping district located on the North Shore where all rich 7th 8th and 9th graders hangout.
Attractions include a movie theater, several restaurants, and a library.
There is also a small park called Central Park in DTW where the Asian posses hang out on the weekend
a: Yo lets head over by dtw
b: yeah yeah cool, just watch out for central
a: central park?
b: yeah yeah
a: why
b: all the Asians are there, you cant go on their turf
by Matto P October 11, 2009
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