A Dinkus is whatever you want a Dinkus to be. It has no definite meaning. If you are at a loss for words the word Dinkus can fill in for you.
I fucking hate that Dinkus.

Oh crap, I left that..umm...the umm.. Dinkus in the car.
by Dinkus Khan April 19, 2005
One who attempts to drive around a roundabout via a tree...
Crash - dude, you've done a Dinkus!
by Supercharged October 14, 2004
Your penis/cock/member/little general/tallywhacker/one-eyed monster
Your penis dipclammer!
by jonathan collins January 23, 2004
when a girl goes down on a guy, and decides to bite down really hard!
oh shit, she fucking dinkused me
by tom March 06, 2004
Generally a normal person who does silly or dumb things every once in a while
"Michael you're such a dinkus! You texted the wrong person!"
-"yeeeah I am, whoops"
by Exactlywhoyouthink August 02, 2015

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