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A turd that comes out just right, doesn't leave much residue, and doesn't leave much of a stench. It an also cause water to plop onto yer butt in some cases.
p.s. if you experience a dinkerplopper that is blue colored, get to the hospital immediately. These cases could be fatal.
1) I have to go popp, and i'm in such a hurry. i sure hope its a dinkerplopper.

2) Dude, come look at this dinkerplopper. it came out as smooth as a wet noodle mixed with cherries.

3) hey Gertrude, can i try some of that delicious dinkerplopper.

4) Wilemina just told me that the fair is having deep fried dinkerploppers. SCORE!

5) damn, i'm out of paper. at least it was a dinkerplopper.
by B-tit September 09, 2007
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