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A epically awesome druid who is known by many as the best druid that has ever walked this world and the next. Dinglao is also known as "The Slayer of C'thun" for his feat of slaying the old god known as C'thun, a task done by few a brave souls. Furthermore, with his feat of killing a old god, Dinglao gained the ability to cause people to spontaneously burst into a loregasm of pleasure, a pleasure that has yet to be rivaled by a emotion.

Nevertheless, Dinglao while being as epic as the stories of our hero are, his life is still far from being complete. His quest to get Gunner, his true love's hand in marriage so that one day their bodies should intertwine with extacy. Only when he has united with his love will our hero be able to retire as a dad.
Dinglao was walking to the local pub when he passed to fine lasses. As he walked by them both girls yelled "OH DINGLAO" and ripped off their shirts in a loregasm of epic proportions as if some magical force had compelled them.
by Dinglao June 22, 2008
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