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Something women use to masturbate with
v. Dindling - to use a dindle; to be using a dindle
"I just bought a new dindle!"
"Have you dindled lately?"
"How many years have you been dindling?"
#masturbate #masturbating #jerking off #women #playing
by Pickup Sticks December 16, 2013
Your own cum that drips back on your penis when the girl is riding you on top and pulls herself off your penis so you can blow it on her stomach.
After she got off of me there was a sticky, creamy dindle on my dick.

She licked the dindle right off.

My cum dripped back into my pubes so it was a dindleberry
#cum #dindel #drip #cowgirl #semen
by Sir Math a Lot May 15, 2010
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