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Dinan is a California based company that since 1970 has been tuning BMWs for even more style and performance. They sell everything from computer chips to enhance engine power to coffee mugs so you can sip and drive safely.
Shit dude, that Dinan M5 just smoked your integra.
by mattpace January 10, 2005
A retard. A complete retard who thinks he is so good. He actually looks like a pig.
You are such a damn Dinan.
by Wo jiao Jeff April 01, 2015
A man that gossips more than anyone you have ever met about people you don't even know.
"Oh this is great. So at my little brothers party Karen and Jane went down on Kevin in front of the entire track team."
"I don't know or care who those people are."
"The best part th-"
"Dinan, shut the fuck up."
by I'm Brian Bowman Byaah! May 02, 2009
a kid who talks like a Mongo (see mongo) and is incapable to perform a raspberry.
man that kid is soooo dinan
by mukky muk July 09, 2004
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