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Dimmor is term created in czech language (and used statewide) among pro-gamers, because of legendary player Dimmor. Now its spreading to whole european UT and pro gaming culture.
It is possible to use it in many ways:

To Dimmor (verb) - To be seriously awesome; to be best gamer around; to be legend.

To be Dimmor (noun) - To be just legendary.

Dimmorlike / Dimmorish - Can describe being legendary *anything*, to be like him, also in degregatory way as being "pro-gamer wannabe"

This term got famous also because of Radio Dimmor joke, held between years 2004 and 2009, when shoutcast winamp radio was called by this guy and this trend.
Also was used in term "dimmoreligion" for either pro gaming wannabies or for people constantly talking about dimmor.

Also, in the world of pro-gaming was Chuck Norris substituted in jokes by Dimmor.

The problem is that actually noone around these days knows if Dimmor is real player, or it was just some random joke invetned years ago and since these days the true meaning was forgotten.
Maaan, check out that guy's game-play, aint he dimmor?

That movie, was just Dimmor, i loved it sooo bad.

A: This girl is the hottest chick around the block.
B: True that, she is Dimmorish.
by Steffan55 May 05, 2009
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