A contraction of dilly-yo. Used in reference to current goings-on. Also, it contains dill, which is a hilarious word in itself.
So, what's the dilly? Oh, I see. Yeah, I was planning on visiting Mawd's Mom today, too.
by Chicks|Dicks March 16, 2004
A willy, penis, gally/tallywacker ect....
"Thats the last time u slap ur dilly around"
by Rozzy January 18, 2003
1. A contraction of 'deal, yo', as in what's the deal, yo?
2. A shortened form of delicious, as in that was delicious.
3. Slang for ideal
girl: What's the dilly?
boy: we're getting pizza.
girl: with mushrooms? Dilly!
by dilly-dally October 16, 2008
A word used in place of another just for the heck of it.
What the dilly is wrong with you?
by Leigh Cemeron November 29, 2007
A tablet of Dilaudid® a strong analgaesic (hydromorphone hydrochloride 1, 2, 3, 4, or 8 mg) derived from morphine and invented in Germany in 1926; it is eight times stronger than morphine via the intravenous route and therefore marginally stronger than heroin.
I finally got relief from the injury after the doctor switched me from Vicodin to some 3 mg Dillies.
by anon September 27, 2004
a word that you can use in place of any noun that you cannot remember. the best part about this word that after enough usage your friends will always know exactly what you're talking about.
1. hey man, hand me those speaker dillies.
TRANSLATION: "hand me those headphones."

2. dammit, i can't get the internet dilly to work!
TRANSLATION: dammit, i can't get the web browser to work!
by edward_pumpernickel June 03, 2005
silly, a dumb way to say silly when you are arrigal or waayyy to incoherant to say sill
"oh matthew you so dilly" -Paulina
by Kraze08 March 17, 2008
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