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Does It Look Like I Give A Damn?
a. Person 1: I can't wait 2 go over Morina's house!

Person 2: Dilligad?

by mimi the urban decodifyer July 04, 2006
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do I look like a give a damn?
also there is dilligaf, do I look like i give a fuck?
and there is also dilligas. do i look like I give a shit?
Natasha: my nose hurts, I can't stop sneezing.
Me: dilligad
by Maria January 09, 2005
Means "Does it look like I give a damn"
Suzzy90546: Im wearing a pink dress that cost 150 $!
MintXoxoxo: DILLIGAD
by Ario March 30, 2007
1) Does It Look Like I Give A Damn?
2) Do I Look Like I Give A Damn.
Frankly my dear: Dilligad?

See also: Dilligaf
by Yoicks July 14, 2004

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