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One of the monstertrucks from the movie "Idiocracy" with what resembles a dildo on the bumper.
by WehageDK June 28, 2009
One who forces their personal opinions or beliefs onto others while refusing to consider any other points of view. A blow hard.
Ever since Larry found Jesus he's become a real dildozer with anyone who isn't a Christian.
by Haute Pepper November 08, 2010
Attaching a dildo to a power drill and inserting it into a partener's anus.
"You want me to fire up the dildozer and vibrate your fillings?"
by Count choculass December 20, 2009
Dildozer is a nick name for a person named Dylan, usually this person has alot of sex in there life, Calling them the Dildozer, The Dildozer plows the feilds of pussy.
Dude, its the dildozer, we all know that he can plow the feilds of pussy.
by blahblahblacksheep November 04, 2007

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