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A magical horse with a dildo on its head instead of a horn. These magical horns are known to vibrate when a woman sits on them. It is also known to cause women to climax when riding the dildicorn.
My girlfriend climaxed when riding a dildicorn 3 times last night
#dildo #unicorn #horse #sex #dildicorn
by Hoodeddeath7 September 13, 2009
The Dildicorn, also known as a vibracorn, is a rare species of unicorn. Their horn is shaped like a dildo. They have been hunted throughout all of history to fill females sexual needs, and have come extremely close to extinction in the past. They are currently an endangered species.

Their main defense is known as a "butt ram", where they charge and ram their horn into their enemies anus.
Wow man! Theirs a dildicorn in the petting zoo!
#vibracorn #dildicus maximus #dildicus minimus #dildicus errectus #dildicus neocus
by Dildacorn trainer September 18, 2009
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