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Basically another word for "all that is epic".
that movie was full of sex and beer and rock 'n roll; it was pure dikran".
by TheRichard November 01, 2011
An Armenian description for a male who works out and thinks his body is built and muscular, when in fact it is not. They are in fact fat and sloppy.

Dikran’s tend to see themselves and there bodies as “Adonis” like and walk around as if they own the joint.

A Dikran is easily spotted by his usual outfit of jeans and a wifebeater or tank-top.
Dude look at that guy over there thinking he owns the place.
Yeah man… what a Dikran!

Buddy I don’t get it, why do some guys think they are so big when in reality, they are just fat!
That’s a Dikran for you man…
by Armoman1 May 28, 2010
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