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Someone who was born before the existence of digital technologies and adopted it to some extent later in life.
Once a digital immigrant, Bob later learned how to use a smart phone.
by Millard Snipplewitz September 06, 2011
22 3
Someone that was born before the digital world started.
These people tend to be Digital Immigrants Old People Seniors Senior Citizens really anyone that you wouldnt consider young like your parents.
by GhostOsama October 17, 2011
3 3
Somebody who has popped up on an Internet site because of clicking on a link (sometimes accidentally). They don't have the slightest idea where they are at, but read the site information out of curiosity, and occasionally buy items if they are listed for sale.
A lot of digital immigrants have popped up on my site. I'm getting rich because they are buying my books!
by Joe Neubarth June 15, 2007
18 25
A blog about libraries, higher education, and technology.
Did you see what was posted at the Digital Immigrant blog today?
by Millard Snipplewitz September 06, 2011
0 8
Someone who grew up before the digital age and is fairly new to the internet. Basically anyone over the age of 28.
YouTube is foreign to the digital immigrant.
by Oingodeboingo November 11, 2004
1044 2509