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When a mate, usually female gets her fat ass overly addicted to some kind of MMORPG and decides that her online relationships are more real and more important than the people she shares living space with, including children, and then decides to pretend she (or he) is no longer IN an actual relationship because they "dont wanna" or "are emotionally involved with someone else now."

Can be handled easily by whistling tunes from old Warner Brothers cartoons, ie. Bugs Bunny as he sings "Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care..." an online database of alternate lyrics are in the works and will be published soon, stand by with your additions...
friend, teachers, family, casual aquaintences: "So, are you two talking these days?"

You:<singing or whistleing> "Digicrack whore, and i dont care..."
by WowWidowmaker23 February 03, 2010

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