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extremely late dinner (all meals after 21:00 to 04:00)
I ate my dinner but I'm still hungry. I think I'll go for some dight
by Mikkel Krogh April 21, 2008
Trying to hard to be cool, almost like a gay tight. Trying to hard to fit in with a group.
"That dude is so DIGHT!", He is the example of ultimate dightness.
by twilly07 October 21, 2009
not too light, and not too dark, usually that of a complexion; somewhere in between light and dark
My mom was dark and my dad was black, therefore I came out dight!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
a shorter word for "day and night". adv - > dightly
The music on the radio plays dightly. All our life is like a dight
by Andrius M. iamlonesome April 08, 2008