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Usually one of two things. One, a type of fuel - handy for powering cars and whatnot. More importantly however, it's the best fashion brand ever. Diesel is special. Everything it touches is exquisite. The good people at Diesel bring us clothes that have the power to make us feel fuzzy inside. It's that feeling when you watch a Lady Gaga or 3OH!3 music video for the first time. You may not be fans, but admittedly their music videos are hard to keep your eyes off. It's like the euphoria associated with that - very exciting! Even the Diesel campaigns are cool. I mean, the whole "for successful living" mantra they've got going on. What's more, the "be stupid" philosophy is amazing. They even brought videos to places like Facebook and YouTube to elaborate on the meaning behind the philosophy. I don't mean to go on, I really don't. Although, bottom line - Diesel is cool!
Tyler: Life is good. I'm goin' to the Diesel store tonight!
by MyUDpseudonym September 25, 2010
21 19
Awesome or strong, as in physcical power. Also - great, cool, or sexy.
"He's diesel."
"She's diesel."
"Its diesel."
by Randy Roberts January 10, 2003
994 519
A street term for heroin.
Paco and I purchased some potent diesel today.
by flaco August 27, 2002
737 477
Diesel is the name used to describe the special scent that attracts the opposite sex. Most generally used with a large scale of the opposing sex.
Wow, Bryan is definitely wearing Diesel today. Every girl is all over him.
by B.Wake and P. Money February 22, 2010
391 155
Diesel is not car fuel and oil mixed together, it's not a type of "gas," it is a lower-grade petroleum distillate used in DIESEL ENGINES which has a much higher flashpoint and whose fumes are non-explosive as opposed to gasoline's. Diesel engines use "compression-ignition" (the heat of highly compressed air in the combustion chamber) to ignite a very fine mist of diesel fuel. Used in heavy-duty trucks, generators, pumps, etc. for their higher specific torque (vs. gasoline) and greater fuel efficiency. Modern diesels are very clean, efficient, smooth, and quieter.
My Ford/Chevy/Dodge truck has a diesel engine which runs on diesel fuel. Neato!
by Hammond B-3 October 30, 2003
549 355
extremely muscular, huge, big, a bodybuilder
damn, you seen Jamal lately? muthafucka's diesel, man!
by Iluvevans August 17, 2003
393 240
Around the northern NJ area diesel is a code word for heroin
A brief use of the word in a conversation:

Dealer: Yo what you need man?
Buyer: i'm looking for diesel bro
Dealer: i got you
by PJ April 08, 2004
291 189
A brand of jeans and other clothing.
Dam! He looks so hot in his new diesel jeans.
by Caleb November 17, 2003
427 338