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a women's breasts
Hey! Get the fuck off my didis
by Fluffergurl April 23, 2011
7 9
Let's get the hell outta' here!
Let's didi before we get our shit shot.
by BamBam August 30, 2003
24 26
A small migget who like the whheiner
man1:omfg that guy is such a didi!
by didi the fag June 05, 2010
13 18
the pSH girl, "DD" for short
me: hey DD do we have homework?
DiDi: pSH, don't call me "DD"
by Corrupted Destiny October 14, 2003
23 28
Older, highly insecure, abusive, Indian Sister. Term which younger siblings must use to avoid beatings, slappings, etc.
"DiDi, please stop dragging me from room to room by my hair!"
by Observant_One July 06, 2006
16 23
brick-like substance, a type of dust, a brick in a solid form
Get the didi outta your face and start drivin like a man
by The Man who bricks all June 06, 2007
2 11
the male reproductive organ, also known as the penis
The other night I touched Mike Faddis's didi.
by didi pop November 29, 2004
17 34