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1. What happens when 13-year-old girls get on Urban Dictionary and make their boyfriends' names a entry with a stupid definition like "omg karli's guy ^_^"

2. What happens when everybody that gets pissed off in an online chat creates a seperate entry for somebody that made them angry; i.e.


Definition: stupid ass fag stfu and die you homogay loser"
Dictionary Too Full! Needs less crap.
by Jethro December 06, 2003 has been overloaded by geeks who must think that everyone who visits the site is familiar with people that go to their school and knows every single person they make obscure refrences to.
ex: girLinda. Some girl named Linda in my algegra class with nasty horse teech and stank breath.
by christo December 18, 2003
Never too full.
Fill this website with crap, everybody!
by B-Drac December 01, 2003
A phrase used to describe a dictionary that is too big to be carried around and must be on a cart or in digital form.
by Zach G. December 03, 2003
When some lame website lets any fag type whatever they please and the website gets way to full and you cant find anything
yo dawg, www.urban**********.com is way too full I cant find a thing.
by as December 08, 2003

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