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Someone who holds a heated desire for another's penis. Or, someone who flames my dick.
Billy Hombre, "You see that dude, he's such a dickwicker." John John, "Yeah, Ginger Chris' been carrying a flame for your cock'n-ballz for years." Billy Hombre, "Gobble chug'm guzzle spank'n bust (with blow job motion)...that dude so flames my dick."
by Coombsie Von Mallen May 19, 2011
Dipping the tip of your dick into an expectant hole, with the aim of pleasuring yourself to the point of draining your man juice into said hole. Hole in this case can either be vaginal, rectal, or oral.
I'm a dickwicker
by Cumpump June 14, 2010
When a girl is dating one guy but wants the other guys dick.
Person1: I heard she's dating Johnny!
Person2: I saw her out with Brian earlier!
Person1: She's such a dickwicker
by thatrandomunicorn May 13, 2014

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