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An object, made by filling a condom up with water and freezing it. It is a combination of dick and popsicle and it is for women who either do not want a dildo or who have a fetish for cold, hard things.
I used a dicksicle last night because I broke my dildo.
by h0tb!tch754 August 09, 2010
when your penis is cold.
Putting my hand down my pants I felt that I had a dicksicle.
by WLC (We Like Cock) July 21, 2008
a really annoying person. also, a jerk. a negative term, usually used to describe men. similar to the terms dick, dickhead, dickweed, and jackass
Can you believe that teacher gave us a pop quiz?!

I know man!! What a dicksicle!
by Razzle G December 01, 2007
The sexual act of placing a popsicle, stick-first through the hole of the penis, and then having a partner perform oral sex. While very painfull, this act is somewhat intimate, and makes for a great story with friends.
Austin: Bro, last night, Mary gave me a blumpkin!
Jackson: So, that isnt nearly as epic as that one time Lisa game me a dicksicle.
by CooperCityCowboys2010 August 04, 2010
A girl is blowing you outside and its really cold. While mid-job she pulls away and it's so cold outside that her spit freezes and when she gets back to work her tongue gets stuck to your meat. Great Success
Zoe was blowing Tyler in the igloo and when she paused to scratch her balls dicksicle occurred and coach was salty. And so was Zoe soon after.
by Sanchaclauze June 04, 2010
when a female sucks a dick for so long that her mouth goes numb and she can no longer feel the cock in her. similar to an actual popsicle, when ur mouth goes numb
kim b. sucked a dick for so long she got dicksicle for an hour.
by GreySpotGibs January 31, 2006
mmm...i sucked the dicksicle all night, until "Larry" jakked in my mouth. yum!
Unattractive man: "awww baby...! aww baby...! suck my fuckin dicksicle, ho"
Hot hooker: "suck your own damn dicksicle, foo!"
by hohos April 20, 2003
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