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Small blue capsule with the word Pfizer written across it. Available in 25, 50 and 100 mg doses. It's designed to cure erectyle dysfunction but mostly gives you a wicked ass headache.
Scott: "Oh...hey, usually people call before they come over but what's up? What do you want?"
Andrew: " know...I'm meeting Lebron...I need some blue pill."
Scott: "Blue Pill?"
Andrew: "Yeah, you know dickroids?"
Scott: "For the thirteenth time Andrew, they cost me $50 for a pack of four, I can't keep giving them away you know."
Andrew: "Yeah, but you're not using them."
Scott: "Thanks jerk. But one day I will. I'm just in a dry spell right now. And these dickroids will break me out of my slump. I can't just give them away."
Andrew: "You are so messed up, dude."
by Aaslimshad November 21, 2008
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