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A word that can describe a person that is pissing you off real bad
MAN bobs a real fucking dicknut!
by _})( March 30, 2006
23 5
Mild epithet spoken in a state of vexation, which cause the speaker to conflate dickweed with numb nuts.
Punked Supervisor: What the...? Oh! Gaawwwd! Who's the...dick nuts...that left rotten fish heads in the waste basket under my desk??
by JC_SaltLaker January 13, 2005
19 5
A conbining of the term dick and the term nuts. My friend said it once and it is one of the stupidest damn things I've ever heard. Fuck of I know what it means, though.
What the hell's up, dicknuts?????
by A.B.S. May 24, 2004
25 13
someone who spills guinnes on your shirt on st patrick's day
hey, you spilled guinness on my shirt dicknuts!
by mattywag March 19, 2008
13 6
Defines a person who is acting in a manner beyond that of a dick, but not quite at the level of full-out cussing. Especially convenient for bad driving maneuvers.
'Hey, dicknut, thanks for cutting me off!'
by The New Musicologist January 27, 2008
11 7
a snoob.
You suck at Snood dicknuts!
by Wave of Babies February 23, 2009
9 7
Some one who is not quite privelidged enough to be a dick, they are a much lower form of existance, a dangling sweaty nut!
Yo, that guy is such a dick-nut!
by Elysha January 20, 2003
11 9