when a mole is present on the tip of the penis, also known as foreskin.
hope: i was giving brad head last night and dude..

louise: what?

hope: he had a fucking dick mole!

louise: ewww no way man, thats dirt.

big daddy fuck: whats wrong with a dick mole?

hope: it was smiling at me and there was a mooosive hair sticking out of his un-circed foreskin

by vaginaminer January 31, 2009
Top Definition
A mole that is above or on ones dick, usually very unappealing, and repels girls. If you have one, GET IT REMOVED! NOWW!!
OMG. Becky did you see his dickmole?! It was soooooo big!!!!!
by theniggasdownthestreet July 11, 2011
this is when some 1 has tons of moles on there dick and it is all bumpy
dominic tried to suck sabrinas cock but it was covered in dick moles
eww dick moles.
by cunt crammer69 October 04, 2005
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