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the strong use of rockets in HALO because players do not have to aim as sharply with them. On the otherhand, they are very effective at multiple kills and betrayals when multiple players are in close proximity of others. Dickles is a term refering to dickless and if a person sits on the outskirts shooting rockets without precision sniping, they are scared of truly being a halo gamer.
-You just got blasted away by a rocket, you got dickled!

-Ahh crap, I just got dickled!

-Oh, I just dickled 3 people with my rocket.
#halo #rocket #rocket launcher #kills #betrayal
by SocMike5 October 17, 2006
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putting your name on someone elses work or taking the credit for someone elses work
I submmitted my project, but that jackass Dickled it. Now I ain't gonna get my money.
#bogart #credit #hogged #used #stole
by N1 November 07, 2005
the act of copulating with a male, getting the business, taking the high hard one, fornicating
dude, tash is getting dickled by every guy in the 815 area code, how ghey
by Jon Himself September 11, 2003
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