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A dilemma of unspeakable proportions; a bind that seems inescapable; an impasse; a jam; a problem that seems to defy a satisfactory solution; just a really shitty situation
Charlie got a real dickknot of an assignment at 5:00 on Friday and had to work all weekend.

Guy 1: How's it going man?
Guy 2: Not good! I'm way behind at work and this morning I accidentally took an ambien instead of an adderall!
Guy 1: Oh man, sounds like you're in a serious dickknot there.

Chick 1: Oh shit, it's pouring, I'm wearing a white T-shirt, and I forgot my umbrella
Chick 2: What a dickknot!

Guy 1: oh nooo! I got my weiner all tangled up in these bicycle spokes and now I can't get it out!
Guy 2: Wow, you have quite litereally gotten yourself into an epic dickknot
by Sharm Alarm July 20, 2010
There are more than one definition for Dick Knot:

1. A sexual move where you basically tie the guy's dick in a knot. (Only a small amount of men get enjoyment out of this)

2. The same thing as having blue balls because you are turned on then you immediatley become unattracted so it feels like you have your dick in a knot so your can't cum.

3. A threat
1. Hey babe how about I give you a dick knot tonight

Are you crazy I don't do that shit but this guy Lui loves it go ask him.

2. She's fucking sexy I got a total boner. Oh wait that's a man! Shit I have a dick knot!

3. Shut up or I'll give you a dick knot
by The Chocolate Leopard April 11, 2010
dik noun not noun, verb: a deserving of or held in contempt; despicable, naive, foolish or inane, esp. in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly, or inconsequential person able to make unable or unfit; weaken or destroy the capability of; cripple; incapacitate
After weeks of hard game, I finally got this playboy playmate to come over to my place for a little romance. The mood was set and things looked excellent for a night of unreal sex. Just then my dick knot of a room mate walked in and made himself at home.
by The Father of Lies April 18, 2008

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