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Noun. A person who consciously engages in some form of behavior that can be clearly defined as a "douchebag tendency" by his or her peers. This condition is acute by nature, not referring to a chronic pattern of this behavior as this would represent an official "douchebag" rather than a "Dickguy". The term originated as an alternative to the espression "nigger guy", which was coined on an episode of South Park. Reportedly, the creator of the term "Dickguy", a University of Florida student by the name of Joshua Poteat, felt that the term was too racist for common usage. Seeking a term that embodied the same meaning as "nigger guy" but without the racist connotation, Poteat coined "Dickguy."
"Did Blake seriously drink all of my beer?"
"yea, looks like it."
"What a dickguy."
by poteater December 13, 2009
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