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Rough sex, usually with one male dominating the other partner, resulting in said partner having a limp or mild bruising.
"Why is Shelbie walking funny?"
"Jeff gave her a good dickening after the party last night."
by SemenSponge June 15, 2014
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A complete destruction of all traces of innocence by means of a relatively large dick. Can also destroy other things. Like vaginas and assholes
Wow. Tailor is leaking shit everywhere. Her ass must have seen the dickening last night
by Old dicker January 11, 2017
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Almost like "sickening", but worse, much, much worse. Usually the response to learning about oversized persons engaging in some sort of activity, sexual or otherwise.
"Are they married now?"
"Seems so"
"That's dickening"
by BilboMcBab October 11, 2011
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