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1. A female(or homosexual male)that loves to suck cock and does so on a regular basis, and when doing so goes crazy while giving oral pleasure. IE. making grunting noises during, thrashing about while your cock is in their mouth, slobbering all over your cock and balls. Just going all out wild while giving you a blowjob.
That girl is a dickdabbler, she straight eats up cock like there's no tomorrow.
by Demoniac March 30, 2003
Pronounced (dick' dabb'lur)
A Common term use to describe a sex act, preferablly done by an asian woman.
Towards the end of sex, normally before you blow your load, you pull out. The Asian then proceeds to make small karate-like jabs at your penis until, hopefully, you bust a nut.
Note: Can be done by any woman, but Asians are much more experienced in the art of dick dabbling.
Mikey: Yo guys you wont believe this! That drunk Asian at last night's christmas party, straight up put the dick dabbler on me.
Don: You lucky son of a bitch!
Phil: Thats the 4th Asian this week Mikey, and its only Tuesday.
Don: Jesus Christ Mikey, how DO you do it.
#sex move #sex #act #fuck #asian #dick.
by T-Sp00n January 14, 2007
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