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A penis that is so sharp it can be used as a chisel.
"Man, Frank beveled that cabinet's edge just by getting an erection."
"Dude, what a dickchisel."
by Bronze Hedwick October 05, 2005
5 Words related to Dickchisel
1)One whom is constantly slapped in the face with a penis.
2)An extremely ugly looking person, who looks as if they suffer from being such.
1)"Jamie is such a nympho dick chisel."
2)"That fucking dick chisel looks like she got ran over by a mack truck. Whore."
by Prez March 20, 2004
a metal tool with a sharp beveled edge that is used to etch intricate carvings into the shaft of a dick.
Honey, I'm going out to the shed to sharpen my dick chisel.
by Clem Blarstenfarge April 29, 2003

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