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Someone who acting as they have a dick for an arm. Also, someone who acts like they have a dick thats as big as their arm.

Scott, you spilled my effing PBR...you stupid dickarm!!111!
by Rym4ng July 28, 2008
Man with extremely small arms that resemble a penis
"Gee Mick you stopped going to the gym?"Other *whisper* "dick arms"
by Livs86 October 04, 2008
an artificial penis that is a replacement if for some reason your penis is severed.
"Hey you wanna see what i can do with my dick arm!"
by krookedcrow July 17, 2006
Man with extremely puny arms that resemble a dick
Gee that Mick has dick arms
by Geeza Shnizer September 10, 2008