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fabulous. wayyyyyyyy sexy. all around Zesty and fun.
mmm. he is soooo Dick-a-licious I want to make like a wild animal on him.
by david October 28, 2003
Highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, especially of taste or smell of a penis.

Very pleasant or delightful for women and/or gay men.
The movie Kazaam staring Shaquille O'neal is dickalicious.

The gay porn movie dickalicious is the best movie since Kazaam.
by bebo January 05, 2005
It´s a discription for a very nice Dick.
" Ohh Boy.. That Dick is Dick-a-licious!!! "
by Powerboating March 27, 2010
Long pink perfect COCK
Jodi's cock is Dickalicious
by Tish January 06, 2004