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A woman's vagina.
"Hey dude, your girlfriend's dick-pocket was delicious last nite!"
by mystery121290 September 10, 2011
19 5
n. 1. another name for pussy, 2. a jerk
Man, that guy is such a dick pocket.
by Susannah_ September 09, 2007
12 3
When a woman has chubby cheeks. These are perfect for rubbing against during a blowjob.
MILEY CYRUS! I LOVE MILEY CYRUS! She has amazing Dick Pockets.
by Twat McGiggles November 09, 2009
8 0
The inside of a vagina.
Look at her dickpocket.
by Jenni and Evan January 07, 2008
3 1
Derogatory term for a woman.
Oh, my sweet little dick pocket!
by Ty-Leigh April 02, 2006
6 6
The adams apple, or "dick-pocket", is one of the most reliable ways of identifying a transvestite without removing their pants.
Gaaahh! Check out the dick pocket on that tranny...
by kabong1978 February 12, 2011
0 2