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When two males feel the need to express excitement, or acomploshment by instead of using their hands to form a standard High-Five they form a new sensation where they whip out each others cocks and slap them together creating the new and improved, "Dick-Five".
(At a party)

Christian: Yo man, I just whipped out my junk and and dunked it in Alex's drink. Than when he came back from the bathroom he chugged it all, it was halarious.

Chad: Dude that's so gay..Gimmie a dick-five.
#dick #high-five #david hasselhoff #rosie o'donnell #randy johnson
by ramPAEge June 08, 2007
Someone who is being a dick, but more of a dick than a dickfor. See also: dicksix, dickseven, dicktwelve.
That asshole just cut me off! What a dickfive.
#dickfor #dick #asshole #jerk #dicksix
by TWoon April 19, 2008
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