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Dick Tinsel is created when using semen as a decorative material that mimics strands of ice or icicles similar to Chin Cicles. Dick Tinsel is created when long, narrow strands of loads of semen emulate icicles when they are strategically shot onto and hang from the face, body parts or the sexy, slutty Christmas outfit of your chosen Holiday Whore. The modern production of Dick Tinsel typically involves multiple loads from one or more sexual partners during a sexual session referred to as a Decorating Party. Modern day decorative Christmas tinsel was invented in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1610. Dick Tinsel was invented in Florida in 2013 out of sexual perversion and the holiday boredom of traditional decorating and same old traditional Christmas party attire.
Becoming tired of mundane holiday decorations and seeing his girlfriend Sandy's same old slutty, little black holiday party dress, Harvey decided it was time for a Decorating Party to spruce up Sandy and her dress with some holiday spirit. After putting on her dress, Sandy laid on the bed and Harvey repeatedly jerked off all over her laying strand after stand of Dick Tinsel until she was fully decorated. They both sang Christmas carols for the rest of the evening while Sandy glistened.
by Harry Klam December 17, 2013

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