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A female, usually unattractive, who is better than good in bed.
Man, that girl from Shadow Bar was a Dick Pleaser.
by M-Geezy March 06, 2007
A term to define the "slut" or "whore" of the group who has been with too many men to count.

Can also be a guy... if your into that kind of thing.
"I got a bitch named Keisha, she a real Dick Pleaser"
by Avira August 07, 2009
A dickpleaser is a woman who pleases dick well, she does anything in her power to make her partner have a good time.
The woman will do anything to make her man have a good time, men can be dickpleasers as well if their gay, bisexual ETC.
by FlyGirlCi February 10, 2009
Slang from military / drill sergeant origins. A synonym for lips or mouth.
Alright soldiers, shut your dick-pleasers and listen up.
by Machetti May 16, 2007