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a male genital skin disorder, where acne grows upon the epidermis of male genitalia. The acne begins near the bass of the penis and spreads up the shaft until, finally, invading the head and penis lips. Truely, the most sickeningly disgusting genital skin disorder, just shy of the ultimate, herpes.
Man: Holy shit dude, I have pimples growing on my penis!!!
Dude: Aw man, that sounds like a case of the dickpimples.
by Felixooooooooo March 31, 2006
Dick Pimple: A pimple on your dick that hurts really bad but hurts more to pop so you are stuck with it and can not get rid of it. AKA. A person who is very annoying and nobody likes but you can not get rid of them.
Dude your such a dick pimple.
by JRUKLTS February 17, 2011