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Someone who is so annoying that to call them only one penis-based-insult just isn't enough.

A compound insult that should be reserved for truly special individuals.

A bit like twatcunt.
Peter: I say! That man's pissing in our front garden.

Susan: What a dicknob! Fetch the musket.
by jgrooves October 08, 2010
When you remove someone's doornob while they are sleeping and replace it with your dick, then knock on the door - and then brag.
Works best if you have an erection at the time.
Man, I totally dick nobed Derek last night!" "Dude, he totally touched your dick!
by cy&ha August 22, 2010
An asshole
Shut up, dicknob!
by ????? November 19, 2003
Refrence to a male to abuse them because they have genital herpes or genital warts.
Yo dicknob go wash ur balls!
by rajesh kumar February 18, 2007