Someone who extends their tongue to the surface of a penis, then in a repetitive "sweeping up" motion, creates penis surface area coverage with the tongue. This behavior is normally goal oriented toward penis ejaculation.
Josh young licks the penis of his colleague, Cale hill. Josh is a Dick Licker.
by Space_Chicken May 02, 2014
A person who tries to suck their imaginary dick but cannot reach it because it is too short!
Rachet tried becoming a dick licker, but it was non-existant!
by ReeRee69 September 23, 2012
A synonym for a putter used in mini golf. They range in size and color, usually a steel shaft with a rubber grip and head.
Dude i'm just trying to play some putt putt, quit touching my dick licker!
by gootentag November 15, 2009
Referring to a gossips tongue.
Bitch, quit running your dick licker about me!!
by Azaray February 16, 2005

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