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when your penis gets angry.
dude the girl i did it with got my dick fit going.
by dr.peuss March 11, 2009
15 5
The female equivalent to a pussy fit. When a female makes a rude or crass, unwanted or inappropriate sexual advance on a male she doesn't know and he refuses, her resulting insecure name-calling is a "dick fit".
Female: Hey, guy. You should buy me a drink. Look at my boobs!
Male:....uh, no thanks. I actually have some class, lady.
Female:...oh! Well, I guess I wouldn't want one from you anyway! You limpdick! What are you, gay! Go back over there with your fraternity boyfriends!
Male:.....did she just tell me I had a small dick and gay because I refused her?
Male 2: Yep. Huh, must have expected every guy to swoon for her because of her boobs. Insecure bitch. She's having a dick fit.
by sailtheplains September 21, 2013
1 1
Physically in shape and sexually attractive to men, especially after not being or feeling that way for some time.
Cheryl had put on some weight while she was pregnant but was working hard to get dick fit in time for summer.
by soapdishjp February 09, 2010
6 6